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There is a ton of Online Business For Sale from home these days. However, if you’re contemplating starting one that will allow you to put your creativity to work, using raw materials that are easily available, a handmade business is the straightforward choice. Read on for lucrative handmade business ideas from home that you can start right now:

Handmade business ideas from home # 1: T-shirt design

T-shirt design is a booming business in this age of millennials. This age group doesn’t want just to wear any T-shirt. They want to wear T-shirts that are customized to their liking. They want their texts, symbols or any other element printed on their T-shirts when going out for birthday parties, friends’ meetups or other special occasions. So starting a T-shirt printing business from home can be a lucrative business idea. The good thing about this line of business is that you can do it in the comfort of your home. You’ll only need the T-shirts and T-shirt design software like customink.com or rushordertees.com, and you’re set to go.

Handmade business ideas from home # 2: Custom portrait making

Many creative people make a lot of money these days making custom portraits to customers both online and offline. Portrait design is a rapidly growing business because almost everyone wants a custom portrait of themselves or their families on their living room walls. The trick to succeeding in this line of business is to use vintage picture frames. These days, people are not interested in flashy things. They drift towards vintage pieces because everyone has flashy things these days.

Handmade business ideas from Home # 3: Handbag and purse maker

The fashion industry is hard to break into. Perhaps you can deviate from the clothing line of business and focus on creating your line of handbags and purses. If you are keen on how women like to carry their personal effects when going out, then you know that they must carry bags and purses. Their demand is already through the roof. So it’s upon you to come up with unique pieces of handbags and purses, and your business will be off the ground.

1: T-shirt design 91%
2: Custom portrait making 87%
3: Handbag and purse maker 93%
4: Scarf making 93%
5: Tie and dye 98%
6: Sculpturing 96%

Handmade business ideas from home # 4: Scarf making

Scarfs are popular today because many people want to identify themselves with their school, institution, sport, and country. Women also wear scarfs to enhance their fashion accessory. These trends are expected to grow moving forward. So you can start making your scarfs today and sell them both online and offline. However, to be successful in this line of business, you must know your target market well and target high volume sales to make decent profits. To sell a lot of scarfs, target gamedays of the most popular sports and be available to sell to fans when entering the stadium to watch their team and when exiting. With high levels of patriotism and the increased love for sports, you can make decent money making and selling scarfs these days.

Handmade business ideas from home # 5: Tie and dye

Tie and dye clothing designs rocked many years ago, but the demand plummeted. However, people are starting to appreciate vintage designs again and tie and die is starting to make a comeback. This line of business requires color mixing skills. If you can mix different colors creatively, then you can come up with great tie and dye designs.

Handmade business ideas from home # 6: Sculpturing

Sculpturing is one of the most popular business ideas from home today. If you enter elegant homes these days, you are likely to come across a creatively handmade sculpture. So if you are wood, clay or stone sculpture, you can make a decent living from this kind of skill.


Today, handmade business ideas are selling because people want to have vintage things to keep as souvenirs. They also want clothes customized to their liking. So if you have handmade business ideas or skills, this is the time to put them to use.